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WORLD’S BEST FERTILIZER RECIPE: DIY 100% Organic Fertilizer Mixture with NPK 22-25-07

Today we will look into the best recipe for an All-Purpose Mixed Pure Organic Fertlizer Powder you can prepare yourself at home and store it and use on your …

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  1. Hello! I am new to your channel. Just watched two videos regarding making organic fertilizer and I can say I have learned a lot. I am new to organic growing so just have a few questions if you don't mind:
    1- How is this different from the all-purpose 4-4-4 organic fertilizers being sold which has been recommended by other growers? Do I need to follow that 4-4-4 ratio?
    2- Can I mix this directly to the potting soil? and how much?
    3- Can I use this for vegetable plants too, like tomatoes?

  2. Sir if I am using Rock phosphate instead of bone meal, wht qty to add in the above mixture. Also mustard cake shd be fermented before adding in the mixture or can we add the powder without fermenting for 3/5 days. Pl guide. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the recipe – this is really helpful – specially with the calculated NPK so that we know what is going into the soil. Adding a packet of micronutrients will help solve a lot of problems.
    As usual, the presentation is impeccable and par excellence in clarity. Thanks for the detailed research that went in to mske this video. About the pesticide part – I have all three trees that is neem, karanj and Eucalyptus and also cloves available in the kitchen – is there any way that I can use the leaves instead of oil – for example by making tea or grinding them – if possible let me know please.

  4. I tried this fertilizer last year and got amazing results, just that bone meal becomes very very smelly if we keep this fertilizer longer time. I heard I we make it dry we might loose NPK values. Is this true? and how much NPK values we may loose if we dry this mixture. If we dry this mixture can we reduce bonemeal smell

  5. Sir, Thank You Very Much For Such Informative Videos Again. Today I am Going to Buy it From Amazon However Requesting For One information that the TSR Micronutrients Granules I Will need to make it in powder form by Using Mixure ?

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