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Winter Special Gluten Free Poori/Puri & Masala Roti Recipe – Healthy Travel Recipes | Skinny Recipes

winter special sweet potato poori, makki ki poori recipe, healthy travel recipes, gluten free poori #glutenfree I used wood pressed coconut oil to fry the poori.

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  1. Very god video… nice gluten free recipe.
    2 minutes campaign when ever you watch any body's video on youtuber . please watch it at least for 2 minutes otherwise waste. we have to support every hardworking & honest youtuber not who buy watch time etc.

  2. Hi I recently started watching your videos and very often i hear about "gluten free" i would appreciate if you can upload a video why to eat without gluten and wats the benefit and also disadvantage. Bcs in olden days no one was cincious about this nowdays in market video i see and hear abt it… Any food is depended on consuming or not according to our body… so pls upload video abt it. Thanks 😊

  3. Hi nisha, would like to know what is the difference bet glutionous rice flour and normal rice flour and cant we use normal rice flour along with tapicco flour mixed to get the texture of glutinous texture to make dumplings?

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