Wild Greens: Turn Weeds into a Great Salad in Winter or Spring

Here are wild greens and common yard weeds that can be turned into great salads, anytime the weather is cool and wet. Even in the winter, if the ground isn’t …

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  1. Your cat looks exactly like my cat – does it have a butterscotch colored tail tip and black lower legs like she's wearing socks ? Anyway I am across the country from you in SC, and I have 90% of what you have and some more. Look for these if you find them, chamber bitters, vetch (leaves and young pods are edible), chickory, lemon sorrell, clover, dog fennel, the triangular wild chives, dollarweed, wisteria (Only flower is edible and its spring only in SC) and a few more.

  2. I pick lots edible herbs and made a Persian food ( koo koo) you chop all the herb add 4-5 eggs and 1/4 of cup coconut flour , 1/4 cup walnuts salt & pepper , grease your Teflon dish 9-inch really thick and add your herbs and bake for 45 or more or less depend how much is in the dish , and after cool off ! cut like cake eat with sour cream or plain Greek yogurt like Persian 👍 it came out just like the original koo koo that is made with spinach , green onion , parsley , chives cilantro . 🤪

  3. Thank you Holly Chris. I so enjoy your videos they're so excellent I appreciate it and we in Eastern Canada🇨🇦 really are starting up on foraging for wild edibles so it's a hot commodity around here too! HALLELUYAH

  4. Just wanted to say thanks sis for sharing also. Your time and effort on these videos dose not go unrecognized. Your knowledge is a Blessing, and hope to be half as smart as you one day. For I myself have started being more resourceful and eating what GOD has already given us. The general teaching of living, surviving, has been interrupted by convenience.. thank you AGAIN..

  5. THAT is a georgeous salad packed with 20 plus anti-oxidants and vitamins in the middle of the winter!!! If we ALL ate our weeds, Covid 19, or whatever you call the scourge, would be a NON-issue! Thanks for the info and wisdom!

  6. While I'm no expert at foraging, I've gathered the odd wild edible over the years. I really appreciate what you did here, and the salad looked amazing. Thank you for sharing this.

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