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What I Eat in a Day Dairy & Gluten Free | Easy/Healthy Meal Ideas

Hope you guys enjoy this full day of eating being dairy & gluten free! You’ll see my personal favorite gluten/dairy free meals that are quick, easy to make, …

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  1. I love your dinner idea, but not for dinner. I always like my lunches and dinner to be on the salty side. Will definitily try it for breakfast or an afternoon snack tho !

  2. You should do a try on haul of all the gym shark items that you have. I’ve been debating getting that neon orange top you were wearing at the beginning of the video and I wanna see what it looks like on you! Plus I wanna see all the things you have:)

  3. Seriously can't wait to try this diet, I'm just so worried about keeping on calories. For 4 years I have had stomach issues: Rush to the loo moments, gas, bloating and cramping. The doctors cant find anything wrong with me. I cut out dairy 3 months ago almost which made a difference to a degree but I'm still not fully there. Hopefully taking it gluten and cutting down my sugars will cure me💕

  4. OMG!! I LITERALLY MAKE THE SAME egg and sweet potato with pb!!! But if never added cinnamon wowwowoowow this is insane I cant beleive u eat this too I was freak ik ng out when I saw u make this wow

  5. I have IBS so i’ve been fully Dairy and Gluten free for just over a month now. It’s been really difficult, dairy wise that was easy as I was always dairy intolerant but the gluten is sooooo hard. Especially when my friends want to eat out somewhere and I have to find somewhere specific that has gluten free! My stomach has been feeling quite a bit better though 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to try Matcha!!!! I’ve heard it’s amazing.

  6. I just put my matcha in my protein shaker cup and shake there. Later I put my protein in it. But I am not sure if you work during the day but I just do that because it's quick it mixes it fine and I can use my cup again later for protein before gym at the end of my work day.

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