Vegan Recipes

We Ate Lizzo's Vegan Recipes For A Week

Destiny and Vivian try to recreate Lizzo’s Vegan Tik Tok recipes for a week. Subscribe to As/Is: As/Is As/Is Subscribe for daily videos …

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  3. She popped open the freezer door on Morningstar Farms and announced "I found all the vegan meats!" No, no you didn't. Morningstar Farms mock meats tend to contain egg whites. As does that Udi's bread she bought. To eat a vegan diet, whether it's nutritional or moral or health-demanded, means to read ingredients. Also decide how far are you willing to go? Honey or no honey? Red dye or no red dye (some red dye is derived from crushed bugs named cochineals). Whatever dietary choices made, read ingredients. It's a healthy habit for all.

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