Warm Mushroom Salad w/ Poached Egg

It’s a windy, rainy day in New York, so I’m making a Warm Mushroom Salad with a poached egg. It’s simple, seasonal, and perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch, …

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  1. I made this last night, and loved it so much I’m making again tonight lol. This along with Julia Childs salad nicoise are the 2 best salads I have ever had. Thank you Ms. Lydia!

  2. I just adore you. I have loved watching you since I was in my 20s. What I would do without you, dearest Lidia?! Many years later through a dance with a hard life of getting married, having children, a divorce, more hard times, then my battle with breast cancer – it won, I lost – but the LORD got me through it and reruns of your shows I copied/books you wrote, I read…and still I'm here as an old woman now (but alive), and you look so much better than I do. How do you manage? I want x list of your vitamins! Bless you dear woman! Thank for being in my life and getting me through with your shows I copied to watch. I love you. – Marisa

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