Waldorf Salad Recipe – Simple & Refreshing – Recipes by Warren Nash

You’ve probably heard of this dish because of its famous origin – The Waldorf Hotel. That, or from the famous Fawlty Towers sketch! Either way, this Waldorf …

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  1. Yummy recipe!
    I just uploaded a Fattoush Salad recipe which I think you'll love to try too.

    Check it out and let me know 🙂 It's a middle eastern salad, and is packed with a whole lot of flavour. I first had it at a restaurant and then went on a crazy mission to replicate it (which I finally did!!)

  2. Thanks for vid. I'm making it now n the last guy used lemon but ive got oil so ill take ur advise. U were gud with knife but probly shud take ur own advise n smile more. Jamie Oliver was so enthusiastic bk in the day id puke but it seemed to b liked.

  3. I love this new video direction but I do understand you need a camera person for this.

    It looks like that ranch might be a better alternative to the mayo. I mean I LOVE mayo, don't get me wrong, but mayo in a salad just sounds weird.

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