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Visit Our Country Kitchen For Home Made Organic Persimmon Pie!

A short country visit for some homemade persimmon pie and some other Winter kitchen delights.

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  1. Following your recommendations, I now have growing on my rooftop orchard the following figs ( and others): Italian Honey (Lattarula), Yellow Long Neck, Black Madeira, RdB, VdB, Dessert King, Peter's Honey and have ordered Improved Celeste, Ischia, Genovese Nero (aka I 258), Sultane and several others. Most if not all have not fruited yet but I am going to use Hoop tunnels using PVC bent over to get an earlier start and MUCH more heat for my fig trees. Thanks for all your great videos and suggestions Lou; have a very Merry Christmas and a covid-free New year!!!

  2. Enjoy the winter and its cold. I went to school in Bloomington, Indiana back in early eighties, and i know what the word cold means. Enjoy the soup and have a great time.
    God bless you and your family.

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