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Leave a comment they mean a lot to me! Free Vegan Weight Loss Recipes – ☆ MY BEST SELLING WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE …

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  1. Hi! Your food looks really delicious, I'm following plant based way of eating with low calorie density. I see you put a lot of "healthy fat " in it through the day, is it really meant to be for weight loss or just maintaining your figure? You and Kiki as well as Mellissa thought prefer low fat diet. THANKS!

  2. Hi Hannah, I'd like some advice, I don't do alot of exercise but make very health vegan based meals and try to drink 3L water as that's what my body need but sometime I find I haven't some of the days and then get cramps. I want this to be my lifestyle. Can you tell me a very simple story of how you change your lifestyle from your weight to now? Was it 3 meals a day and 4 half an hour of exercise a day? Or? Is this video you typical meals and how often do you exercise? I just don't know where to start and I am feel discouraged by all that's out there. I worry that my protein sizes are to small but as I eat alot of veg I think I need high volume for more Cals. Your protein sizes are the same as mine. I would appreciate a little answer please, if you have a moment.

  3. Yes!!! I loved the ice-cream! 🍧 I've been looking for new sweet treats and this hit the spot! I added granola, hemp seeds and protein powder and added some ingredients I have never used before to my grocery list! I am definitely a new subscriber!! Thank you! Keep those food videos coming!!

  4. Hi there, guys and dolls. A question. Starting this new way of eating. Does everything have to be organic? Seasoning etc? Help this gal out!🙏

  5. Thanks Hannah!! I just came across your videos yesterday and they are so helpful!! I purchased your ebook and yesterday was day one….the food is amazing!! I am still trying to wrap my head around it all….I come from ALL THE PROTEIN with weight training…totally different mindset. However, meat has been grossing me out lately so I really wanted to give this a go! Please keep posting and sharing…you are so genuine! 🤍

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