Vegan Recipes

Vegan Lunch Ideas for School/Work (no need to reheat)

Today’s video features 4 easy, healthy and quick to make vegan lunches. Plus there’s no need to reheat these meals at your school or work or wherever you’re …

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  1. I LOVE the pesto, I added sliced almonds instead of cashews and it tastes amazing. I also but much more spices in there and it tastes really nice with bread, pasta, in a wrap… Really delicious!

  2. I love ur vids cos u don’t use that many nuts in ur recipes which is rlly handy cos I have a nut allergy and try to vegan when I can:). ( I couldn’t go full vegan cos I would have not much protein in my diet;)

  3. Just made the sweet and sour chickpeas and they are so good! I did add spinach and didn't add sesame seeds or spring onion cause I didn't have it 🙁 But it's really good still so I can only imagine what it taste like with the other 2 things! Also, I too would love to see a cook book from you so I can buy it and always have it on hand. Your recipes are so so good!

  4. Yum yum yum they all look so lovely! But ESPECIALLY that burrito! I have seen that Oatly cream stuff in the local supermarket so i shall pick some up soon & give it a go 🙂👍🇬🇧

  5. Took milk out of my diet for 2 years because although I like milk it didn't like me then realized it didn't like me because I so rarely had it and I winded up having major stomach problems 2 years later because of not consuming milk or dairy on the regular doctors could never figure it out slowly by slowly Incorporated it back in now I have no problems with milk and no stomach problems either

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