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VEGAN LASAGNA RECIPE | The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

Vegan Instant Pot Lasagna RECIPE: (also page 205 of my cookbook) …

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  1. The creamy filing – delicious and i wish i could show my pictures ! I did not try in Instant Pot ..i made it in the air fryer . I sprayed on top with vegan mozzarella cheese which melted with little crust beautifully when i open the foil . I added cashews too . I liked the idea from the kofta recipes . As we had first snow storm i used eggplant in a good way and made eggplant rollatini with same filling . It's little bit of work but amazing taste ! Love your book , my favorite part – well balance ! Thank you .

  2. Very excited about the Vegan Instant Pot cookbook. When I got my Instant Pot and looked on Amazon for cookbooks the results were pitiful. So, going to get yours. Thanks for doing that! Oh, I do have the Air Fryer model. Is there a good way to do Vegetable Tempura using the Instant Pot??

  3. I saw a recipe that actually showed how to make lasagna using the zucchini as then the strips that replaced the noodles and I actually prefer your sauce with it cuz everybody wants to make vegetable lasagna with red tomato sauce when I would prefer something that is more like a garlicky white sauce was obviously out the dairy cows dairy….
    So thank you so so much for sharing the recipe for your sauce because I will definitely use it!

  4. Mmm the finished product is giving me major deep dish pizza vibes. I found your channel through SweetPotatoSoul (whom I adore) and I'm so glad I did. I have to make this!

  5. You make the cooking demo lesson so beautiful. Wow…I want to experiment. I have learned to appreciate the array of vegan creativity options. I do not miss any animal based foods at all. I feel 100% satisfied and healthy without any cravings. I have not lost a ton of weight being a vegan for 3 months now..maybe 2 pounds..but I think I'm at a healthy body weight anyway. I was just obsessed as many other women… but feeling so darn good makes me love the me the way I am…;)
    Do you have any recipes with Quinoa flakes or raw? I am planning to celebrate Passover soon and that will be the only grain I will be able to eat for 8 days…and matzah meal…no legumes.

  6. I made this and even my non-vegan daughter loved it. In fact, she said she wanted it served on her birthday! Your vegan recipes have been fabulous and I have acquired your cookbook. Thank you!

  7. I know you didn't cheat as I watched from beginning, but know way that is Vegan I mean it looks better than any Lasagna I have seen.

    I will definitely be ordering your Cook Book will it be on Kindle as well?

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