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I show you how to make 3 simple, tasty & healthy vegan children’s meals. Subscribe …

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  1. I’m so grateful for this recipe!
    So as to bring up healthy new gens kids, such recipes are inevitable.
    It’s not just us vegan adults but there are vegan kids already and so please come up with new ideas of kid friendly recipes again. Don’t stop! 😀

  2. Im in the process of transitioning to vegan…. i have for the most part have always been plant-based…. however my kids havnt. Its hard bc they are use to eating chicken nuggets and hamburgers. What are some recipes for these things that arent highly processed like “morning star” products. I have really picky eaters help! Btw they loved the pizza idea!! Thanks

  3. Grateful for these parent-friendly recipes. Your channel is gold. In a time when Youtube channels get noisier and noisier, you present gorgeous food with amazing production values and a friendly and humble, thoroughly inviting manner. This is a wonderful channel.

  4. Thanks for posting these quick and simple recipes. Do you have any recipe ideas for kids that don't like too much heat when it comes to spices? My eldest nephew and niece don't like that.

  5. Love this! Please please make more kids meal ideas! I have a son and he is very very picky. My son hates seeing most of the vegetables on the dishes so it’s really hard but I love the idea of blending it in but can’t do that for everything.

  6. i'm not vegan but i wanna include vegan meals into my diet but i'm a not a fan of some vegetables (just like kids) so kids vegan meals are the easiest way for me to like vegan food

  7. Love your videos. Thanks for sharing. I've been head hunted by a nursery to provide fresh plantbased Whole foods to 50 children. It is a long awaited vision that has manifested with an opportunity to run nutrition workshops across 7 schools and influence school meals. Please shout me out at your next video. Love Carol Organic ❤

  8. Thank you!!! My 2 year old loved this! Any other ideas about how to get kids to eat legumes would be awesome 🙂 For me this is the biggest challenge of raising vegan kids, since legumes are (arguably) an essential part of a healthy vegan diet.

  9. Hello!! I am a new subscriber, and big fan already! I've been binge watching your videos and am just loving your content. I love how beautiful and thoughtful your videos are from the Photography, to the staging, to the editing, and of course cooking. I'm not a good cook (yet 😉 ) and am very interested in the Vegan lifestyle, but have been intimidated in that transition. I am currently Mostly dairy free, but still am working towards Vegan. So thank you so much for your amazing channel! I Can't wait to watch more and become a better cook! I also feel more confident that I can be Vegan or Plant based with your guidance/inspiration! 😀
    Have a awesome day!

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