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Vegan Irish Stew – Quick and Easy Stew Recipe

VEGAN IRISH STEW FULL RECIPE: ⇨My kitchen tools & more vegan faves: ⇨Subscribe for more fuss-free …

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  1. Hi Sam. I just made this tonight and it was beyond amazing. Even my carnivore hubby was amazed. I did add some homemade dumplings to it and that took it over the edge :-). You truly are my favourite vegan chef. Everything is just so easy to follow with ingredients that are easy to get. A big thanks and a Happy St Paddy's Day. Sue

  2. I just read on the internet that you were incorrect regarding Guinness… as of January 23, 2018, when the article was written that I read online – Janice announced that vegans could be sure that ALL Guinness around the world is now vegan and there isn’t any worries anymore on that front (whether you buy it from the keg, or in cans, whatever – it’s all vegan). That article came out in January of the same year (2018) that you made this video (your video is in March), so you were just a little bit behind the news is all.

  3. FYI: Near the beginning you said that you used three smaller baby parsnips instead of two large ones like you had recommended in your recipe…

    I thought you would be interested to learn this which I just read on the internet regarding parsnips in general (I’ve never had them before in my life, so I wanted to read up a little bit about them):

    “First things first: Look for straight, small parsnips. This may seem counterintuitive, but large parsnips typically have a thicker, woodier core that’s less tasty and more difficult to chew and cook with.”

    “To prepare a parsnip, avoid peeling it the way you would a carrot—you might accidentally strip away some of the best flavor. Instead, grab a vegetable brush and scrub, scrub, scrub.”

  4. Your presentation sucks seems like you are much concerned about how to you look and your expression rather than focusing how the food is going to look like and taste like . should opt for some fashion influencer channel or some beauty channel but food channel ,you really suck

  5. I made this tonight with a few modifications, the most important one: i replaced the beer with an Affligem Tripel, much more garlic and changed the amount of the ingredients here and there. But thank you for this idea !!!

  6. This is a great recipe. One thing that I don't like in vegan cuisine is the lack of being able to use meat for flavor. This stew has tons of flavor. And I add 1 cup of cooked split peas or lentils near the end for some extra protein 🙂

  7. So I had to substitute a lot of ingredients cuz I didn’t have them, but I still wanted to make a nice stew. So I followed the general proportions, swapped out some stuff with more Asian ingredients I had, used the same techniques, and it smells and tastes soo good!! I love how easy it is to follow your recipes and how flexible they are! Even though it wasn’t exactly the same (taste wise), a lot of the things in the video are pretty versatile and so helpful for teaching me how to cook! Love your vids so much!!

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