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VEGAN HOT CHOCOLATE RECIPES | quick & healthy ideas

Today we’re making vegan hot chocolate 3 different ways! I’mshowing you how to make hot chocolate with from scratch using cocoa powder. These recipes are …

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  1. I like it made in the blender like that. Don’t even have to use the stovetop.
    ??? Why Are so many people using maple syrup now, with all the sugar in it?
    Thank you

  2. just tried the last one but didn't like the salty taste, it dominated the drink perhaps because I used sugar instead of maple syrup. I'll reduce the amount of salt next time and see. Either way I loved the recipe! Thank you!

  3. When I was a kid the women in my Argentinean European family made the best thick hot chocolate ever! It was sweet enough but NOT necessarily sweet. Good chocolate has rich flavor and doesn't need much sugar. Really.

  4. Can you imagine I’m watching this video now and when she said happy new year I panicked I thought we were already in 2020 but it’s December 2019 and this video was 2018

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