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  1. Can you recommend any brands of the the "accidental" vegan chocolate you used in your recipe? Finding vegan chocolate in my area has proven difficult. Love this channel!!!!

  2. Have to be nut/legume and soy free. So that narrows down my choices. :/ I would have to amend your soyful snacks. Like, make my own gf, soy free vegan dough, use a cashew cheese and use jackfruit or mushrooms for the 1st snack.
    For 2nd snack: will sub toasted bread squares or chunked polenta or maybe mushrooms or jackfruit vs tofu.
    For 3rd snack: I will sub enjoy life soy free vegan choc for this one. Yum!

  3. With your strawberries what makes them perfect is that they aren't perfect. I am a baker and people love the ones with the xtra chocolate on the side. Wish we had vegan white chocolate that would have made them stand out…

  4. Is it ok not being a vegan and l omg your channel? Please say it is. Soon my friends. Soon. Literally my fave vegan YouTuber. Is there another comparable cheese substitute. I just hate tofu

  5. The rolls are accidentally vegan?? My family always makes those and I loved them prior to going vegan, but I've been avoiding them for SO MANY YEARS 🤣🤣🤣 I'm going to eat them all at christmas dinner lol.

  6. You really make me laugh Rose. I can really relate to you because your videos are true to life. This is what happens in the real world. Your food may not look like it has come out of a food magazine, but it is all about flavour right? Whatever happens, never give up. Often when we try something new it fails. The secret is to just keep trying and learning. Trust me, things do improve.

  7. For the strawberries….
    Add a skewer to the top, to give you more control.
    Put chocolate in a cup and dunk….instead of a plate.
    Runnier chocolate works better and a lighter amount on each strawberry.
    If all else fails….roll in sprinkles….😁

    Also, can use pretzels because strawberries can be hard to find in winter…

  8. You sure bakes like me… I’m Super lazy in making my food looks pretty . Who cares as Long as it taste yummy ! Btw, have you tried Pea protein powder before? I’m thinking of increasing my protein intake cause my hair is having some breakage lately . Wanted to add that into my green smoothie. Thanks in advance. Great video 😉

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