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Vegan Calamari & Shrimp | "Seafood" Recipe

If you are craving seafood, I got you covered with this vegan calamari/vegan shrimp. These take like little popcorn shrimp and calamari. I love this vegan …

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  3. I'm not certain why you called the recipe calamari and shrimp when it is obviously not any of the above. It probably would be more efficient if you called it
    'calamari like 'or calamari taste

  4. I've been wanting to make these since May of this year, but the old bay seasoning was constantly out of stock at my grocery store. I eventually got some about a month ago, but since I've started college, I spend my time studying over making vegan meals that I know will take me longer than 10, 15 minutes. I finally made them today, and wow! They were soooo delicious! Highly recommend!

  5. Looks good im going to try it you just need to explain the can goods better it was upside down and u lept calling it things instead of what the name of it is other than that everything was great

  6. If you want to eat something that looks, smells and tastes like seafood, your best choice is SEAFOOD which is probably the most healthy form of vital animal protiens that you can eat.

  7. This looks great and I love hearts of palm! Just started a channel and have a hit or miss segment, this will definitely be a dish we will try. Can’t wait to try it 😋😋

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