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Vegan Burrito in 5 Minutes! | Happy Heart Friendly

It goes without saying that burritos are all the rage these days, so in a bid to ensure that our Happy Heart participants don’t miss out on the fiery fun, we’ve made …

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  1. I am now up to over 50+ of your recipes and I have YET to find one that isn't WONDERFUL. I have taken the Happy Gut course and have ordered the Happy Heart course. Look forward to it! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and talent! If we are every allowed to travel again you guys are still on our list to come visit!

  2. smoked paprica isnt a thing in my country, i‘ve ordered from abroad. wanted to bake some chickpeas, accidentally dumped too much of the spice in it, but thought to myself „ah its fine“. phu boy was i wrong! next up: burritos! thank you! 😅

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