TRYING CHILI'S APPETIZERS! – Fried Cheese, Pizza, Chicken Wings, & MORE Mukbang Taste Test!

TRYING CHILI’S APPETIZERS! – Fried Cheese, Pizza, Chicken Wings, & MORE Mukbang Taste Test! i tried a bunch of the appetizers from the chili’s restaurant …

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  1. ive worked at chilis for 3 years now. (BOH)
    their ranch is mayo and buttermilk and ranch seasoning packets.
    boneless wing are not hand made but still slap.
    burger bites are still my favorite things. and pickles are suppose to come on the side. pickles make it so if you get them get pickles.
    still never had the nachos.
    the cheese bites would honestly be better with the marinara sauce we use to have (got rid of the sauce about a year and a half ago).
    the waffles are good combo honestly, kinda spicy and sweet. like a once every 6 months kinda gig.
    the crispers are hand made, i take pride in making mine but some people just dont care so it burns.
    the egg rolls fucking SLAPPPP to this day.

  2. Sometimes they coat the whole strip without needing to ask but not always so can always get it on the side instead of ranch or just ask for extra on the strips. Very good when it is completely coated in sauce! You can also get any side you want for a little extra if you hate corn on the cob. They have been quite accommodating in the past and always tasted great!

  3. Hi Timmy! You're nuts, thank goodness 😁, my new obsession as well. You remind me of my childhood, best friend. It's uncanny and so fun. Love your energy and this makes me so hungry!👀🍝❤🍕🍗 love your shuffle/tap extravaganza! I am delighted to have found your silly, delicious channel. Bon appetite!

  4. We love the southwestern style egg rolls go to dip them in some kind of avocado ranch sauce. The chicken enchilada soup is very good we have been disappointed for years that Chili's stop serving the Awesome Blossom. I'm talkin my whole family even my sister my children that don't even like onions! I wish they would bring that back loved The Awesome Blossom

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