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TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE// Easy Healthy Snacks//How I invest money

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE// Easy Healthy Snacks//How I invest money THUMBS UP For more financial/ budget chats! My social media! JOIN THE SAMILY!

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  1. Hello everyone! I saw the name of this video and I just had to comment this. “How to transform your life”- YOU don’t need to! There is someone that can transform you and therefore can transform your life! That person is Jesus Christ!
    Ok, PLEASE hear me out, it may make sense to you! —> We are sinners and do horrible things, no one on this earth is a GOOD person. (Jesus says none is good, God would judge all of us by the 10 commandments before Jesus came. If you believe you’re good then look at the commandments and test yourself honestly. If you broke even one of those commandments you would be in danger of the fire in hell). Since none of us are good and God, God is a JUST God and loved us SOOO much He sent someone here to die for our sins. “Well why did Jesus have to DIE for my sins?” My answer to you is: Let’s say you’re in a court and you’re guilty, and we are all guilty; God says we are all guilty because we have broken His law. In court, a just judge wouldn’t just let you go when you’re clearly guilty… He will say “I don’t care if you’ve done good. You need to pay for what you’ve done”. The just judge will allow you to GO if there is someone to bail you out of jail, or pay your fine. We broke the law, Jesus paid the fine. That’s what happened on the cross! That is why Jesus said “it is finished!” On the cross- meaning THE DEBT HAS BEEN PAID. (Quote from Ray comfort; living waters channel here on YouTube). It’s a beautiful thing, really. Jesus can transform YOU from the inside when you accept Him as your Lord and savior! HE is the only one that can transform your life. You don’t need to cut the sin out of your life and start doing good things for people and then go to Christ. GO TO HIM NOW! And HE will transform you with His beautiful love. We are saved by grace, not by works lest any man boast! Thank you so much, reader for listening. I am in NO WAY hating on this video. I think these are amazing things to do to live a healthier lifestyle, of course, however I’m saying that no one will be able to just transform their life on their own: They need someone to fill that void they feel, and that someone is Jesus Christ. God bless!

  2. Thanks for this video and that little bit from Jared was super helpful and totally correct. Wish schools properly prepared us for adulthood in terms of financial stability and investing. Sigh up to us to teach ourselves now.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a financial videos series. There is not enough of it here on YouTube from women showing their real lives. It would sooo helpful

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