Top 5 Delicious Appetizers For Your Next Party by Master chef

Master chef John Zhang shows you easy and delicious appetizers recipes that are perfect for any party or gathering. 0:10 Egg rolls with Apple Plum Sauce …

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  1. Hello Chef
    Great Job and great looking food.i just have a question if I may. For the crab rangoon can I use real crab? I"m not a fan of imitation crab. Hopefully you will answer because I so want to make these.. Thank you..

  2. Not only excellent Chef 👨‍🍳 he is very Cleanness Stylish very Elegant every he’s moves not only makes my mouth watery also my eyes and ears happy too!…Amazing gracious

  3. How many Vegans r here..😣😓..I wish he makes some veggy receipes 😞…even if I don't eat non veg I'm still obsessed with his cooking style that I couldn't jus leave this channel 😣🤐. 👁️👄👁️

  4. Can someone please explain the oil frying technique I see here in this video and keep seeing in Chinese cooking? I noticed a few times when Chef John tosses things in oil the oil is not completely up to temperature yet. I also noticed this in a recent Chinese series I watched called Chef Hua (I highly recommend it to all who love C-drama and cooking, it's really a cute story loaded with lots of great Chinese cuisine). Anyway, in the states I have been taught you must have oil heat up to temperature first, before placing food in oil or you will make the food absorb too much oil during the frying process and it won't cook correctly. But it doesn't look like that happens with somethings like wonton wrappers? Can anyone explain this?

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