Top 10 Twisted Desserts | Easy Desserts To Make | Twisted

Here at Twisted we all have a sweet tooth, so today we rounded up the best Twisted desserts. For all your chocolate lovers, cake lovers, and sweet lovers, this is …

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  3. These recipes may look good but I’m NOT going to watch any more of these videos on this channel when the only way I can get one of the recipes is to buy their cookbook. Especially when almost all of the other channels on You Tube offer the FREE recipe for the items made in the videos.
    Not to mention the recipes found on this channel are close or exactly the same as ones found on other FREE RECIPE channels. Heck, even America’s Test Kitchen channel will give you a free recipe and they are also selling a cookbook.
    Many of us DO NOT want to pay $20 dollars for a cookbook when we only want one recipe.

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