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The Best Grilled Chicken – 3 Easy Recipes! | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

I’ll show you how to make the best grilled chicken EVER w/ 3 easy marinade recipes… take your pick! SUBSCRIBE: | MERCH: …

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  1. Question from a beginner – Do you add the oil in the marinade because you are grilling it? If I were to pan fry instead, do I skip the oil in the marinade and put it in the pan right before frying instead? OR do I add oil in the marinade regardless?

  2. Hi Sam, I just want to say the wife made the curry yogurt yesterday with some jasmine rice. Delicious. Today we had the chimichurri just heavenly, with cilantro lime rice and broccoli. Thank you for these recipes. Keep up the beautiful work. One of these days I need to stop by and get some Not Not tacos.

  3. Hey I was watching this recipe with a child. Why did you have to use expletives? Its a recipe and its open to the public. Please keep that in mind when you are sharing your excellent recipes. I have to tell you that I was disappointed.

  4. I just did the curry receipe using chicken breast and it turned out awesome. I baked instead of grilling like the video. I made the mistake of not basting though, so next time I make it I know it'll taste even better.

  5. I'm from the middle east these recipes seem awesomely good gonna try one of them tomorrow, maybe do so in the woods as a picnic and use first a clay pot to cook them finish them with the grill so the smoke of the wood would give it an extra kick. Yep that's my new years eve in quarantine can't ask for something nicer.

    PS: For me personally the 2nd recipe i would use parsley instead of coriander u have no clue how good chicken tastes with parsley the parsley actually melts on it gives it an aroma and a taste that u would not believe its my secret ingredient when preparing chicken and people go nuts for it. I'm Lebanese so u know we are good cooks haha idk if that makes u take my word for it but trust me its good, dont take me wrong i use coriander sometimes too but parsley man parsley does it for me haha.

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