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Hi my friends! Today we are rebooting my basics series! Basic vegan dishes I think everyone should know. We are starting it off with this incredible homemade …

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  1. Hi I’m seeing a lot of people ask if the tapioca flour is necessary and it really is that is what gives the cheese it’s stretch. Some people have made it with arrowroot flour apparently but it won’t be stretchy and gooey like the tapioca flour. ONLY USE TAPIOCA FLOUR IF YOU WANT IT TO BE LIKE THIS NO SUBSTITUTIONS 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I just made this recipe last night and it was SO. GOOD. You have to try this. The cauliflower cheese tastes amazing, just like mozzarella. It’s salty, gooey, and delicious! I’m telling you—this pizza is amazing, thank you so much for this recipe! Most definitely going in the cookbook.

  3. Yooooo! Pro tips:
    1) more mooch and add a table spoon of red wine vinegar to ur cheese sauce. Gives it a sharper flavor!
    2) divide the dough into 4 flatbread. Thin crust! And 1/4 of the entire 1300 calorie dough

  4. I have been wanting to make this recipe forever. I finally just found some tapioca flour and made it tonight and my whole family loved it! My anti-veggie daughter even loved it and never would have guessed that the cheese is made of cauliflower. With a few nut allergies in my family, I'm always appreciative of creamy recipes that don't include nuts. Can't wait to buy your cookbook!

  5. Really nice video, I just finished making this and it came out well, I made half a pizza and ate the whole thing! Making another half tomorrow. I had leftover "cauliflower cheese" so I'm refrigerating it overnight to use tomorrow, hopefully will keep well!

  6. hello! i was wondering how long you should stir the cheese for on medium heat? tried doing this recipe but it didn't seem as stretchy as yours in the video (and I did have tapioca flour)

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