Tasty shrimp salad with papaya and chili recipe

Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about cooking life style and Tasty shrimp salad with papaya and chili recipe. Please subscribe me to view more …

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  4. Ingredients: shrimp papaya green mango fermented fish sauce fermented shrimp paste palm sugar lime cherry tomatoes dried chili flakes chili pepper carrot garlic and idk what the herbs are.

  5. The ingredients are:

    Green Papaya
    Green Mango
    Shrimp (She submerged it with a Lemon Soda and Ice then let it sit for a little while. This helps kill bacteria and slightly cooks the raw shrimp. Same concept as Ceviche.)
    Sauce Contains:
    Palm Sugar & Fermented Shrimp Paste (You do not have to heat it up in a pan like she did here.)
    Lemon Juice
    Thai Chili peppers
    Dried Chili Flakes
    Prahok Sauce aka Thuk Prahok (Fermented Fish)
    Add tiny amounts of regular salt and white sugar to your liking

    You can find all of these ingredients in an Asian Supermarket.

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