Tahini Carrot Appetizer Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show

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  1. omg thank yu so much or your recipes!)) My husband is Armenian from Lebanon and your channel is such a discovery for me))) i will make olives, stuffed lavash and this for appetizers this sunday for Easter))) Spasibo) Hugs from Montreal, Canada) xox

  2. Hi Heghineh jan! I love your channels, you and your family. The way you present your recipes in both Armenian and English are just perfect, they are easy to follow along and very entertaining because of your fun and light-hearted personality. Is there any way you can make a video on how to make Armenian Yogurt Recipe? Thank you so much for your hard work on creating these videos and recipes. I am Armenian, but born in America and I don't know some of our Armenian traditional recipes but watching your videos puts me into our cultural food and gives me a great learning experience. I have tried your puff pastry Gata already and it was a bit hit with my family! Delicious! Thank you again for being who you are and making these great recipes!

  3. Thank you for another quick and easy vegetarian appetizer! Can you please do the tahini recipe in English? We cannot find good tahini, and we just sadly finished up all of the amazing tahini that we brought back from Israel in December. Thank you, Heghineh!!!

  4. sending you some love from Germany <3 <3 <3 <3 You are my favourite youtuber of all times. Such a sweetheart. I love your soul, it's so very beautiful.

  5. Krkin angam shnorhakal em baxadratomsi hamar Hexine jan.Arqan uxaki hrashq e.Sirov spasum enq 《Srchum enq》-in.Mekel Bekin enq shat karotel.Amen inchi hamn u hotn e:) Astvac pahapan bolorit.

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