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Here is a simple way to make delicious taco meat. This seasoning goes well with ground beef, ground turkey or chicken. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY VLOG …

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  1. I made this with ground beef. It was delicious, were eating it right now. I did have to add a little bit of corn starch slurry because I added beef broth and i was afraid to cook it for as long as it would take to cook away the broth. Loved it. it was really much better than the seasoning pack they sell for tacos. TY for the vid

  2. I've never made tacos before, and I chose to make them for a trip this weekend (a bit irresponsible, I know). I tested this recipe out today just so I wasn't going in blind… they were delicious! Thank you so much

  3. I like to add some water first bc it gets the seasoning blended and stirs better…

    Edit…this is great. Customize but this is the perfect base recipe. I have had tacos 3 times this month…..working my way up t o more this blend is great.

  4. Simple and easy recipe I absolutely love it! Tried this recipe today and my boyfriend and I love it! I wanted to learn how to make taco seasoning without using store bought taco seasoning and this recipe is amazing. For us the seasonings and measurements were perfect the only thing I changed is that I used tomato sauce instead of water. I felt like water would wear down the flavor a little bit so I used tomato sauce to keep the flavor and maybe enhance it a little bit more. My boyfriend and I are all about having alot of flavor. This recipe was delicious and tasted like it was homemade and not store bought. This is going to be my new taco seasoning recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I can always count on you to guide me and I came looking for your seasoning blend. Again I found you very relaxing to watch and you were right-on with the spices. I made homemade flour tortillas to hold the meat and fixins and it was loved, so thanks for being on the tube.

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