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Sweet And Sour Chicken Recipe | Sweet And Sour Chicken Restaurant Style | Sweet And Sour Chicken | Chinese Sweet And Sour Chicken Ingredients for …

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  1. Watched the video this morning and made this for dinner, wow! really delicious 😋 an absolute weekly staple now, tastes just like a shop bought sweet and sour and so quick to make, decided to save even more time by adding frozen southern fried chicken bites straight from the oven to the fried peppers and sauce as I don’t have a deep fat fryer and didn’t want to use the wok method, it coated the chicken beautifully, a real treat for any sweet & sour lover, thank you 🙏

  2. Just made this today, incredible! Enjoyed by the entire family but if following this recipe just make sure you at least double the quantity because it is seriously addictive and tasty. 2 recipes followed now from this channel, the one pot chicken rice and now this, what a start to my youtube chef career!

  3. Here to jussst drop a feedback as i made it today for dinner and my husband absolutely lovvvvedds it. Totally recommended! And easily made.
    Keep it up u guys are doing a great job!

  4. I will be honest, I thought this was going to be a disaster when I smelled the sauce before it was cooked and tasted a bit but it was actually amazing once I'd finished. I definitely recommend this. Also I added the yolk left over from the egg to the sauce before cooking as well. Waste not, want not!

  5. I just followed this recipe and OMG! The taste was absolutely amazing. I also added pineapple juice to the sweet & sour mixture. 10/10 Would DEFINITELY recommend!

  6. I LOVE this recipe…so much so that I ordered the cooking tools so that I could REALLY "cook it right," but I would add chopped onion to the red and green peppers, and maybe cut two or three rings of pineapple into small pieces and add those, as well. AND, as suggested by Necron 99, I am not only going to "double" the recipe, I am going to TRIPLE it!!! (You've got to love YouTube!!)

  7. I made it! Had to make double batter and sauce because I had way more chicken lol. Very tasty but the batter went soggy as soon as I added the chicken to the sauce so I would leave it on the side.

  8. Its delecious but way too sweet for my liking I guess that's why it's called sweet and sour chicken next time I'm making this I'm going to put only one tablespoon of sugar

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