Store-Bought Desserts You Can Make At Home

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  1. how to make dippin' dots at home (without liquid nitrogen cuz no one has that at home)
    1. get some flavored yogurt.
    2. take a ziploc bag and put the yogurt in it.
    3. then snip the end of the bag so it's kinda like icing
    4. take a big plate and make little dots on the plate
    5. put the dippin' dots in the freezer for 6-7 hours. (i suggest making these in the morning!)
    6. enjoy the dippin' dots!

  2. At 2:39 you just mix together the cinnamon filling, put it on the dough, and roll it. It comes out just the same, but the cinnamon and brown sugar taste is just the same, and you don’t need the glaze. Thank me later <3

  3. Hey guys😊,
    I tried the first one and it was pretty good. If you feel like making it aswell here are a few things I would change (just my opinion ):
    1. Use a little more sugar (this is basically the first receipe from Tasty where they didn't use enough sugar😂)
    2. Use more cinnamon and nut meg for a more intense flavour.
    3. Use less water, unless you want it to taste watry.
    4. Don't let it bake that long (15-20 min. is usually enough) cause it'll get dark really fast.
    I hope I could help you.😊

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