Step by Step Recipe Of My Healthy Salad For Good Hair & Skin #lowbudgethealth | Bearded Chokra

In today’s video, I finally show you what goes into my healthy salad. It’s a highly requested video and hence I will show you a step by step recipe on how to make …

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  1. Can we eat green leafy vegetables raw
    Because according to Ayurveda we should boiled green leafy vegetables and strain the water then cook in oli or desi ghee what think about it

  2. to everyone following the same diet … please make sure to watch his other video where there is information on supplements and essentials. Plan your salad, vitamin intake , protien and other important stuff before just jumping into a Diet Blindly. the only reason I am writing this comment is the guy who invented the Keto diet , Died after following his own method. Just a simple rule of one shirt does not fit all.

  3. You told to use extra virgin olive oil, I would suggest you to you mustard oil from a nearby mill. Cause we Indians preferably consume mustard not olive oil. Please take time and think

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