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Steak Meal Prep – Healthy Meal Prep Recipe – Beef Meal Prep

Make my steak meal prep and meal prep recipe for skirt steak. My skirt steak recipe is the best and a great recipe for meal prep. My meal prep recipe for steak is …

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  1. My question is if heating this meal in the microwave why does it have to be covered with a wet paper towel? Also how wet does the towel have to be? Also started watching this and hooked to ur channel

  2. This looks delicious! Can I substitute the steak with different ones (eg sirloin, ribeye)? (I don’t know much about steak meats so I don’t know which will be a great substitute + I can’t find the steak you’re using in the UK’s supermaket!)

  3. I have been watching him for a while but I like he really tells you everything from but choice foods to purchase pots, pans love how he has put everything together and now I am starting to do the same I have been keeping a list of bad choice ingredients in foods and learning a lot thanks super great guy

  4. smoked the whole apartment trying to make it , coughing all the way cuz of the burning chilly, but man it taste so fucking good !!! and it stays in the fridge good for a week … THANK YOUUUUU!!!

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