Smoked Salmon Appetizers / Canapé – Bruno Albouze

An awesome appetizers so easy to make using leftover pain de mie! To get the full recipe go to Recipes / Shop / Gallery / Events / Blog …

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  1. Youre AMAZING Bruno! I hope you have sons or daughters that you can teach this too and they can pass down your passion/talents for cooking. And also your charm and charisma as well haha!! ☺️☺️💛👍🏽

  2. Why we have to pay money for getting your recipes now?because you become a little bit famous?yes the work that you are doing is a great work but you didn’t do it before ?thanks god I understand French there is plenty of recipes in YouTube for free,don’t think iam greedy ,but changing the way you work is new for your followers

  3. Here in Ukraine it’s a tradition to serve similar appetizers at a New Year’s Eve dinner. Fluffy white bread, hard frozen butter and red salmon caviar with a bit of a dill on the top. That’s so delicious 😋

  4. Hi Bruno, I made your Pan de Mie recipe in my normal loaf baking tin and it was so delicious and turned out really well using a house brick covered with aluminium foil to keep the bread flat whilst baking. The Croque Monsieur were so crispy and delicious too. I loved it so much, when my son asked me what I would like for Christmas, I said I would like a Pullman loaf tin. My Pullman loaf tin arrived and it is so beautiful and such good quality. I am so happy that I will bake my first loaf in it today. Thank you so much Bruno ❤️I love listening to all you tips and watching your channel. Have a very Happy Christmas. Best wishes and thanks for all your efforts. 🎄⛄️🎄❤️

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