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Simple Organic Vegan Meal Ideas

Whitney shares some easy meals that you can make quickly with inexpensive organic, vegan ingredients. ▻ Sign up for the video mailing list: …

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  1. As an Asian vegan family, we make noodles a lot. Noodle soups like Thai rice noodles and Japanese soba noodle soup, miso soup is the easiest and quickest, most satisfying for us 🙂
    My son loves fettuccine Alfredo sauce (cashew cream) and mac n cheese(cashew based or tofu based)

  2. I love me some KALE SALAD!! I've been loving a ginger, garlic sesame oil salad dressing. I just mix it until I like the taste. I've been trying a lot of salad dressings with coconut aminos. Adds flavour and also helps so you don't use so much tamari sauce. For the dressing I mentioned above, I will add a bit of coconut aminos, sesame oil (i like the japanese brands for that roasted flavour), a tiny wheat-free tamari sauce and some cracked pepper, and garlic!! love love garlic. .. i don't always have ginger, but when I do, I will add a few fine slices.  I add all the sauce on well massaged kale and add a little gomashio – which is roasted sesame seeds and i love to get the one that is mixed with dulse. I also usually add a bit of carrot slices and red cabbage for some colour. ;- )  

  3. I have really been enjoying this video series! As a working mom my favorite go to quick meal is a rice burrito/taco/ or salad bowl. Its so easy to throw together especially if you meal prep and have the rice already prepared. Just throw on your favorite toppings and you're done!

  4. I love all of these ideas. My favorites are salads and stews for quick weeknight meals. I use the same low-fat/oil-free dressing a lot lately – it is an asian ginger miso one which I make by blending organic carrots (buy in bulk), a small chunk of fresh ginger root, and a teaspoon of miso to blend it all together. It really reminds me of that bright orange dressing you get at Japanese restaurants but tastes so much more fresh. 🙂

  5. Great video!  I love using a little bit of salsa sometimes as a dressing for salad especially if I add black beans and maybe corn too.  And agree – that pasta and veggies are such a great way to get creative and have a wonderful meal fast and for not much money.  Another easy and inexpensive idea is any kind of veggie and / or bean and grain type taco.  Sometimes I will make falafels and homemade coleslaw and put them into a soft taco with pickled onions – so good!!!

  6. As a uni student, quick and cheap meals are the most important things aha. My current favourite is spiralising courgettes and/or carrots, and having them as spaghetti, either having them raw/cold with some chopped tomatoes and herbs (and chopped mango if I can afford one), or if I can be bothered I cook them until soft and have it with a 'proper' pasta sauce!

  7. You summed this up really well! My favorite cheap lunch is a salad with lemon herb dressing (it changes depending on the fresh herbs I have on hand) and a brown rice wrap with hummus, greens, and sauteed red pepper and onion. If you cook the onions long enough for them to carmelize, it takes it over the top. My cheap dinner staples most often contain grains and greens (either sauteed or as a salad) and sometimes beans. Sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and winter squashes are also a fantastic and affordable option. I love me some sweet potato fries!

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