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Today we are making some gluten free flatbread. This recipe is the easiest, most delicious flatbread that you will ever make. It is yeast free as well. I make …

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  1. It fails every time,
    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    The flatbread keeps falling apart and can’t turn it in the pan.

    I used gluten free coco flower and coco greek yoghurt.

    Could someone please help me?

    Thank you very very much!

  2. This was a fabulous recipe, thank you,. I am gluten and yeast free, as well as nuts. Si it’s really nice to come across your recipe today for flat bread. I look forward to seeing other recipes. Thank you so much. Celia xx

  3. My family is gluten and dairy free, so I’d need to use coconut or almond yogurt. Now I want to try this, my daughter really misses bread since she can’t have gluten, dairy, or egg.

  4. Great video🙏💗, did u leave the dough to rest before rolling as after, can I cook on iron and show us what flour u have try.. I want to buy it 😁
    Can I replace yogurt ..and butter milk .
    Plzzzzzz make a Video make with home made yeast..

  5. These look delish! I have a question: In the video you very clearly say Baking *Powder*, but when I clicked the link to your printable recipe it says Baking Soda. Which one should I use?

  6. Hi Noreen,
    I made your flatbread recipe from your web site. Afterwards I gave them a taste. They were very strong tasting of baking soda. I had to throw them out. I thought something is not right, I watched the video again and found no baking soda in the recipe. Your website recipe should say Salt instead of baking soda. I made them again and they tasted great. Though you might want to correct it. Hey, that's ok it happen.

  7. Many people with gluten free flour also need dairy free too…..also, many cup for cup gf flours are overly filled with rice flour which can also be a problem with special diets. I'd like a rice free gf flour, I thinkmthose taste better. White rice has no nutritional,value either……

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