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Shaking Beef Recipe (Bo Luc Lac) | Vietnamese Recipes

Beef lovers, this one’s for you! Intensely beefy and full of flavour, this dish looks super premium but it is so easy and quick to put together that you can easily have …

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  1. HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! Important Note:

    If you have questions about this recipe, you can post it here for the community to answer. But if you want to ask me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or my website (all links are in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments I receive across the hundreds of videos on this channel.

    Also, before sending on any questions be sure to read the written recipe on the website as I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video.

    Thank you for watching!

  2. Hi Pailin
    Do you have any dishes cook with pickle garlic. I went to a Thai restaurant in Toronto and my friend ordered a stirred fry dish with pork and pickle garlic. I had a bite and it was delish but do not know the name of the dish. It was really good, the pickle garlic has a very nice flavour and it was very different as well.
    If you do, love to see it from you.

  3. Just found out about this recipe. So similar to Filipino the recipe for beef salpicao. Instead of fish sauce, we use Worcestershire sauce though. I think same purpose, because Worcestershire sauce (which comes from fermented anchovies) provides the Umami component. Please check it out and maybe even make a video of it! <3

  4. This dish was absolutely amazing, the smell when the beef was cooking made us salivate, we couldn't wait to tuck in… the wait was worth it..the taste was so good it made you want more.. and more.. Many thanks 🙏 we're so looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

  5. Great recipe! One question about the proportions listed on your website; how would you scale this up if you wanted to double or quadruple the beef?

    250g beef seems more like portions for 1-2 people, not four.

  6. Món bò lúc lắc của Việt Nam được dịch ra tiếng Anh là… shaking beef.. trong các nhà hàng VN tại Mỹ. Xin chịu thua mấy cậu, mấy mợ luôn. Khi nấu món này không cần phải lắc như vậy đâu . Thực ra, món bò lúc lắc được cắt thành hình vuông giống như con lúc lắc, hoặc con súc sắc khi chơi bầu cua cá cọp. Con súc sắc trong tiếng Anh là dice. Món bò lúc lắc phải dịch là …dice shape stir fried beef.

  7. This is one of my favourite things to eat, but I've never been able to make it as well as they make it in the restaurants. The fact that you used to cook it in a restaurant gives me hope. I'm going to try your way and see what happens.

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