Salmon Roll | Easy Appetizer recipes

Salmon Roll (Easy Appetizer Recipes) is a party saver. If you have guests knocking on your door and sushi delivery is late, you have a simple and delicious …

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  1. Wow what a spectacular and beautiful salmon roll I must say you really outdid yourself on the presentation that is definitely something I would love to entertain with during cocktail parties. You’re cured salmon recipe goes perfect with this I am definitely a fan of cured salmon over smoked salmon I love how you cut the cucumber tops added the cream cheese and salmon and turned it into a beautiful flower

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  3. Wow, your salmon roll recipe is so beautiful today! It looks better with my favorite ingredients in it! If I have time this weekend, I want to make it! Thank you so much for always teaching me good recipes! Have a happy weekend this weekend! My friend!

  4. Wow, that salmon roll looks great! You did a really good job of not only cutting the salmon and zucchini but also rolling everything together. You made styling the food look super easy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is a delicious appetizer and you make it look so pretty as well! I love salmon so I know this will be an addictive appetizer for me! Great work! 🙂

  6. In three Michelin stars restaurants, people do pay a lot for this simple recipe, which you share with us. Thank you. Keep it up with more fancy recipes.

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