Salad Fingers 6: Present

Music: Boards of Canada, Locust Toybox, Chris Gladwin.

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  1. Ok but am i the only one that finds him cute? He is so polite, sweet and friendly, i would love to hug him. İ mean he'll probably cook me in the oven but it's fine, i wanna die anyways 😊❤️

    He is just so lonely and i feel so sorry for him 😭😭

  2. This thing is part of the French war when the cage it’s maybe she or he gets captured by that thing or that German I don’t remember fully bu a German guy tried to marry a French girl when he captured her I don’t know for shore but this looks like it

  3. There was something about this episode that was actually interesting is that it sounds sort of like a conversation between Jeremy and what is I believe to be an angry father and I think I have accurately sorted it it goes like this

    Father: Jeremy Fisher…I thought you were out fighting the Great War…
    Jeremy: P-Pardon?
    Father:I’d like a word with you.
    Jeremy:I-I don’t understand.
    Father: I’m not one for accusations but this ones cast iron.
    Jeremy:what is this?
    Father:I’ve seen you tailgating my daughter. With aspirations of deflowering her rose.
    Jeremy:N-no! This isn’t true! You’ve got the wrong bloke squire!
    Father: i don’t make mistakes comrade this ones textbook.

    That is interesting as hell

  4. I like your videos because there different then over ones but why does he always abandon babys like the tree he said daddy it's cold and the weird baby thing before why me is confused …
    And why at the end of this video why does he eat him self

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