Rockin Jalapeno Poppers – Easy Homemade Mexican Appetizer

I’m going to show you step by step how to make these little rascals. It’s really easy so follow along. Jalapeno poppers are a delicious appetizer that are perfect for …

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  1. A friend of mine had a birthday on Cinco de Mayo yesterday. We had a surprise birthday party for her with a mexican theme. Others brought fixings for tacos, and other mexican dishes so I decided to make these. I had a total of 32, and they were gone in 30 minutes. Good thing I tried one first, otherwise I would not have had any. They are the best! Rockin' Robin, you rock!

  2. Thank you for showing us how to remove the seeds with a spoon. I have tried in the past rinsing the seeds out under cold water and every single time….the gases from the jalapeno made me cough and wheeze like forever. So rinse the outside but never the inside. Remove with a spoon like this lady is saying.

  3. I really like these because these are baked, and not fried.  With all the fat in the filler, at least by baking these, they are a tad bit healthier.  Thanks, Robin.

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