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Raw Organic Protein Shake Mix – Garden of Life Raw Meal Review

Raw Organic Protein Shake Mix – Garden of Life Raw Meal Review – If you are looking for a good healthy way to start your day this Garden of Life Raw Meal is …

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  1. I’m doing a 30 day vegan challenge, and I bought the regular organic vanilla garden of life. Can I still use this one as a meal replacement? I didn’t realize I grab the regular one instead of the RAW one.

  2. Good to hear it helped with your digestive issues. I've had the same problem lately which I think is probably related to stress. Ordered the DetoxiFiber, meal replacement for breakfast, and also the enzyme tablets to take after meals to help with digestion. I think my stomach is going to be VERY happy! 😂

  3. I ordered this to use as a breakfast replacement. I'm not afraid of carbs though, so might add some oats and/or banana to it and chuck it in the blender. I like to do my workouts in the mornings sometimes, so feel like I might need a little more energy from it…

  4. I just bought one of this and Iam struggle with sleep at night… I mean I can sleep easily but when in the middle of the night I go to pee or something Iam struggle to sleep again

  5. As an Arline pilot I take this on my trips around the world, mainly aboard because you won’t find barely nothing healthy in the breakfast. As a tip, I suggest taking with almond milk. It’s delicious. Of course, no sugar at all.

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