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Quinoa Khichdi | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Healthy Recipes | The Art of Loving Food

Amid the pandemic in this ever-changing weather, it is extremely important to have healthy and balanced clean meals for better immunity. So, we’ve decided to …

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  1. Hello madam you guys are so selfish..You are so coward that you can not speak anything about Sushant sing Rajput.Once you were outsider too..but anyways karma will come around..But it’s so shamefull that like you people in world that can be deaf,Blind who not take stand for truth..Bhagvan na kare aap k sath aisa ho …🙏

  2. Thank You Mam for uploading recepie on Khichdi. We have to promote khichdi at national and world level. Khichdi is one of the popular dish in Hindu 🕉 culture on various occasions and festivals we ate khichdi. But rapidly khichdi loosing their identity and importance. Non-Veg Biryani is promoted by largely while khichdi is loosing their identity, we have to come forward and make traditional and innovative khichdi. I urge to youtubers, chefs, restaurants and people's to come forward and promote our khichdi and culture's.

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