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Quick, Easy, High Protein Plant-Based Meal | Come Alive Summit (Cooking Demo)

I recently had the honor of being a featured speaker for the Come Alive Summit—a virtual (this year) event of inspiring talks, workout sessions, nutrition advice, …

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  1. Really wished he used a directional mic. Or, better yet, a lapel mic. This "iPhone video" has really downed out audio. I shouldn't have to max out my volume to hear this.
    Poor audio alone is the reason I THUMBS-DOWN this video…

  2. The two gripes I have against this channel is the time factor and the products that he uses that you can not use in the US.

    First, though I appreciate his recipes, I know that most of his recipes are too labor intensive for me. His typical recipes call for complex ingredients and techniques that I just do not have time to make. If you do not have a very busy life, I guess that you could devote the large amounts of time needed to prepare his recipes. I do not think that your average busy American family with kids would even bother with the majority of his recipes. I think the time factor may be the reason for the lack of subscribers to his channel. Who has the large amount of time required to make the majority of his recipes. Not me. Maybe, when I am on vacation.

    My second gripe is that he uses products that I do not have access . He uses Wicked Kitchen products that are not available in the US . Therefor, if I do not have access to some of the products that he has used, the flavor profile will not be the same.

  3. That looks delicious. I LOVE mushrooms! I love everything you make. I've been Vegetarian since 1987, and then became Vegan in 2016. Vegan food is so much more delicious and creative. I don't understand why people still eat animals… There are so many healthier and more delicious vegan options in the super markets. You don't even have to know how to cook. It's so easy to be vegan! Animals do NOT belong on anyone's plate!!! Thank you for all the delicious recipes. 🙏💜

  4. If we could get beyond me to cost less then Meat.The lower class would be forced to eat beyond.And they take up the majority of the world. So at this point it’s up to the rich to make it happen!

  5. I can never get enough of this channel! Thanks to you all, my boyfriend is finally inspired to cook. He’s a new vegan so it’s always me who cooks. I don’t mind at all but it’s wonderful to see him so enthusiastic thanks to the easy instructions presented here!

  6. I love that you said, I don't care if they eat whole food plant based or junk food vegan as long as they step over the line and eat plants. I resonate with that. I literally think everyone should have a mindset like that and so many more people would go vegan.

  7. Nice to see you're back in the UK and in your own kitchen. That must feel really good. We do miss you being here in the states, though, but we have your brother, so it's all good. This tofu looks amazing. Thank you! Happy Labor Day!!

  8. You made it home! Your pressed mushroom technique is the only way I’ll really eat mushrooms. Prior to that, they had to be chopped and “hidden” for me to eat them. 🤣

  9. One of the best things he taught me was how to cook mushrooms by pressing on them to release moisture. It makes a huge difference. From there, I have learned so many different ways to cook tofu, something I've always loved, but was a little intimidated as to what to do with it. Thank you so much for sharing with us and teaching all of us.

  10. The beans look so yummy. Love that you mentioned The Happy Pear, they inspired me to try vegan cooking almost a year ago and I wish I had sooner now I see all these amazing dishes. Thank you 😋

  11. Absolutely love your videos and your Instagram posts. Your BBQ tofu is my favorite…I could eat it every day. Same with mushrooms. It's been 45 years since I've eaten meat and I've never missed it. It's just gross. Too many plant options that are so much more delicious. Look forward to your next video. Cheers!

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