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Quick and Easy Chickpea Curry Recipe

This quick and easy chickpea curry is great alternative for those who don’t eat chicken or meat. This curry is rich in flavour, smell amazing and really delicious.

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  1. I made this and poured it over basmati rice, plus added some sliced chicken breast id cooked prior. This was soooo delicious. Thank you so much for this easy video with ingredients that I didn’t have an issue finding. I was able to curbside pickup all of these ingredients from Target, so I didn’t have to run around to a bunch of different places. 💜

  2. I just made and greatly enjoyed this dish over some Basmati rice. The only problem I ran into was the fresh coriander – I couldn't find any in either store I use for groceries, so I used ground coriander and a little parsley for the green touch. At any rate, your recipe still tasted fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing and for adding another staple to my recipes.

    Made it a second time last night but used cilantro instead of the parsley. I used last time. I highly recommend the cilantro version should no fresh coriander be available.

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