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Potato Vermicelli Cutlet – Aloo Vermicelli Cutlets – Snack Recipe – Women's Day Special With Ruchi

Learn how to make Potato Vermicelli Cutlets at home with Chef Ruchi Bharani and Anmol Rodriguez on Rajshri Food. Potato Vermicelli Cutlet is a delicious …

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  1. Dear Ruchi Bharani
    I Wish Anmol Rodriguez You & Every Women A Very Happy Women's Day
    I Respect Your Courage & Humanity to Built Deep n Strong Connection between Passion with Soul,
    People Like You n Anmol are Making a Difference, Keep Continue Your Valuable n Mesmerising Work
    Thank You

  2. Hey anmol! Im so happy to see you after "Aunty ji". Every time i see you i get filled with lots of positivity and inner strength. Secondly, i feel, this is one of the bestest creations by rajshri chefs. I'll definitely make this. Thank you to both of you.

  3. I'm so sorry that you girls get treated like that, I will pray for you all that the Lord Jesus will bless you all & send correction to the awful men who treat you like that. Lord bless you .

  4. she is genuinely interested in making cutlet and is actively learning and assisting.. good..
    The condition in which Anmol is,it is very painful. The scar tissue,the damaged nerve endings; even normal work like eating or drinking is painful.Add to that emotional stress.It requires a lot to get over that.And to turn it in something good.. well..

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