Pickle Roll-ups and Tortilla Roll-ups – Easy Snack Foods – Easy Appetizers to Bring to Parties

This was another requested video! Keep those requests coming! I’m loving it Easy snacks/appetizers Tortilla Roll-ups 8oz Creamcheese (softened) 1 can black …

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  1. I was JUST talking to my mom about making pickle wraps for christmas… they're addictive! And as for the tortilla roll ups, last year at an office party, somebody had brought some, but I don't know what they had put in them, but they were SO good! I couldn't stay out of them! Thank you so much for the idea!!

  2. Your previous video about reaching the milestone of 1,000 subscribers, that video hit me in the feels, rite to the core because I'm getting closer to thag goal.

    I'm at 700 subscribers and it's been a long road, tough journey, and I'm glad I'm on this quest. Sharing my Daily Visual Journals.

    It's therapeutic and sometimes I watch my videos for the message full of energy, jokes, love, positivity and support.

    I give it to others and when I watch my videos I realize I'm giving it back to myself as well, which I need and embrace, self love..

    Sorry to spill my guts there.. Don't mean to bore you. Stay awesome and keep making fantastic content, the world could always use more positive content creators, peace and one love ✌❤

  3. I make the tortilla roll ups all the time! We add taco seasoning and cheese to them! They are so good, and picked roll ups must be a Minnesota, South Dakota thing cause I've never seen them anywhere else

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