Perfect Potato Salad – 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver

A good potato salad is key to a great bbq, picnic or buffet style lunch and Jamie has one to suit every taste with his Real Deal Potato Salad recipe. Keep it simple …

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  1. Let's take a perfectly delicous vegan or vegetarian salad, and decide to kill a pig so we can garnish it with pig flesh. FFS … now we can't even have a fuckin salad without meat. Enough with the fuckin meat on everything.

  2. hello mr. Oliver! its been a decade last i watched you in cooking channel in the Phil.. im just 19 yrs old that time, your cooking inpired me a lot and now im happy to bring your cooking in my kitchen!!!

  3. In Gujarat (State of India) we use to have this kind of potato dishesh.. we also add some chilli powder and fresh coriander.. if u cook ur first dish with some oil its called SUKI BHAJI..but however i love your dishesh…👍

  4. I got as far as frying the bread crumbs in bacon 🥓 lard and just started to munch on them like potato chips 😋. Is that healthy? Are my arteries going to clog?

  5. Hi jamie oliver a huge fan of your cooking bakking salads so much to say i am folowing since you start cooking from your flat i am so impressed from your cooking tips and recipes which you create hats off to you dear a huge list of peoples who learn cooking from you and learn new and easy dishes and i never comment because i am a silent viewer of your cooking and shows but now i started my cooking channel i thought maybe the right time i talk to you and explain my feeling to you that i learn so much from you thanks for beautiful and easy recipes hope you reply me after seeing my msg thanks again for your outclass recipes

  6. Followed this recipe precisely all the way through and I must say, even though it does take a while when you have to make it alone from scratch, it is definitely worth it. Just put on some nice ambient music like "Red Dead Redemption 2 ambient soundtrack" and relax while making it.
    I actually ended up improving it with tortilla chips instead of bread crumbs, because I had some left over. They definitely don't make it worse 🙂 😛
    Also, don't be discouraged, if you can't throw the bowl around like Jamie when it starts to get heavier. At one point, my bowl was so heavy that I just stirred it with my fingers.

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