Perfect CHICKEN MANGO and AVOCADO SALAD + Easy Dressing

This Chicken Mango Avocado Salad is loaded with juicy chicken, creamy avocado and that sweet pop of mango flavor takes this mango salad over the top.

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  1. Great recipes from Natasha's Kitchen, really enjoyed making them. My only problem is all the hair. I feel uncomfortable watching food being made by someone who has great swathes of hair falling forward over the food. The professional chefs I see all have some kind of cap or scarf holding back their hair, or even just held back with a band. Just my take.

  2. Wow!!! So beautiful and wonderful Perfect Chicken Mango and avocado 🥑 Salad + Easy dressing recipe by the great Chef Natasha’sKitchen Perfect Presentation good create good texture tender crispy good taste mouth watering delicious sauce good ingredients nice color good nutrition best sad dressing ever.Professional cooking shows Thanks for your dedication and hard work that will be appreciated. My favorite combination of chicken salads.God bless you and your family always with Good Health Good Luck and Happiness ❤️👍⭐️🍷😊

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