Vegan Recipes

Packed Vegan Lunch Ideas for Students! (easy & cheap)

Get 10% off your new squarespace website: Today’s video features 3-4 super simple, tasty and easy to recreate vegan …

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  1. These look sooooo good! As a new vegan, I find your channel AMAZING bc it shows me that vegans could enjoy food just as much as non-vegans could, if not even more. I also just wanted to put out that I am a high school student looking for opportunities to stand out from my peers. I entered a "Who is your hero?" online competition and the person's YT video with the most thumbs up gets to win $1000 for any charity. It would mean the world to me if you or anyone seeing this comment could watch the video and give it a thumbs up. Thank you so much! Here's the link:​

  2. I live in a small town so I don't have access to most of the things mentioned, I'm not vegan either but I love watching her videos and the dishes that I can actually afford to turn out to be so good

  3. i dont think deglet nour is at a cheap price, especially in german. unless its just cheap dates with that name. deglet nour is really soft and light brown and has a honey-like taste, the ones you showed seem really dry. Deglet nour are the best dates in the world^^ like even in algeria (where deglet nour is originated from) here its pretty expensive compared to other types of dates.

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