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Orange Chicken – Just Like Panda Express!

Orange Chicken – Just Like Panda Express! If you like Orange Chicken then your going to love this easy to prepare Orange Chicken recipe. This is a sweet …

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  1. Yooo just made this. Bomb. & I don’t like to cook. Nice & simple when your in a rush or you just want some orange chicken instead of buying some else’s. I used oyster sauce, ran out of soy, agave nectar. No egg

  2. I used the right amount of vinegar but the vinegar somehow overpowered everything else. Inhaling the fumes from the sauce was really repulsive. Did i use the wrong kind of vinegar? It was the clear but strong kind idk, i'd like fututre recipes to specify what kind of vinegar if there is even a difference between vinegars

  3. We don’t have a place here that has orange chicken on their menu .. my aunt had made some when we went over for a family gathering .. it was amazing . Been craving it since then !! Came here to learn how to make it … prepping my ingredients rn to start cooking !!!

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