NYC Loves This Fast-Casual Salad Chain

New Yorkers love Sweetgreen, a fast-casual salad chain. Every day they purchase about 34000 pounds of produce that is sourced from nearby farms. See more …

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  1. It’s legit; I adore the “farm to table” offerings showcasing the actual farm partners, the seasonal varietals, design… business model, most importantly the customizable, every so good (for the body) Taste that one can have here. Thank you for existing, Sweet Green!

  2. Health concerns for the diets of Americans and rising obesity rates.

    Government: Let's just tax sugary foods and fried foods to make health-nut activists happy.
    Private sector: Innovate and create healthy products that competes with other restaurants and let the market decide.

  3. I really love them for trying to make workplace friendlier with welcoming culture. However, PLEASE somebody stop this company making their employees do weird toxic abnormal huddle like some 90's or 2000's that is forced with no optional choices and top-down! Wish in the future, they put more thoughts in the program and include warming approaches and meaningful future forward culture that is more volunteered by will toward strategies. In the meantime, high fives before work without that sweet green awkwardness.

  4. This sounds like Salad Works to me. They're a salad franchise restaurant out of PA but All over the mid Atlantic east coast. They're good but pricey for a salad on the go that you could've made at home and brought out in a container. 😉👍🏾

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