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Nutrition Tips: Pregnancy and Nutrition

Amanda Hyerdall, a registered dietitian at Loyola Medicine, shares some important information about nutrition during pregnancy.

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  5. Thank you doc. I am 4 weeks pregnant now…

    Edit: Thank you for the likes guys and for the felicitation. I just give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl last April 2020. We made it amidst the pandemic. Praise God!

  6. Are these increase kcal (why is it "calories" in english? It is not calories. It is kilocalories. cal is just colloquial and simply wrong in an informative context) per day per baby or a general rule of thumb? And why is it so much more than the recommendations from germany? The recommandations are that from the second trimester on an additional 250 kcal per day are needed until the end of the pregnancy. But again: Per baby oder in genaral? I don't know. This seems excessive if it is per baby and these numbers from the video. And isn't it also important what weight the mother had before?

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