Nigella's Scrumptious Salads | Compilations

Nigella shows us how to make some of her terrific salads including watermelon & feta and chicken fattoush salad! #NigellaLawson.

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  1. In my country we never put watermelon in any food that is savoury, seeing Nigella adding watermelon which is sweet and juicy in savoury salad is so bizzare. Thinking back it make sense because some of us eat it with rice with chicken curry or beef rendang (any malay dish)etc. I even eat cold mangos with rice and fish soup!(well it's personal preference) It is incredibly good.

  2. I love the look of that very delicious food and would love to have some right now to devour as you watch me eat all of it. After watching you cook meals on the PBS television show I have become hooked on your cooking style and hope you are bringing back new series as I have missed seeing you lately.

  3. Hi nigella, watermelon contains an amino acid called citrulline. If you mix dairy products with watermelon it creates a harmful combination due to the protein in dairy. Please avoid this combination. 🙂

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